Is it Worth Buying a Bicycle?

There are many people buying bicycles these days. They do have many positives but will they give you good value for money?

Check out prices

Bicycles vary in price a lot. If you want a top of the range, electric assisted folding mountain bike then you can pay thousands of pounds but you can also pick up a second hand basic model for very little money. It is therefore important to take a look at what all of your options are and how they differ in price as you will then be able to consider what you can afford. Think about whether you have any money available to spend or whether you will need to borrow money to pay for it. If you have to borrow money, look at the cost of the loan and think about whether it is worth paying that extra money. It is wise to consider whether you will use lots of functions or whether a basic model will be enough. If you are just taking up cycling then it can be a good idea to consider whether it might be a good idea to start with something cheaper and then decide whether it is worth paying out more money once you have tried it out for a while.

Will you save money on journeys?

If you are buying the bike to save money on journeys to work, for example, then it is worth calculating whether you will save a significant amount of money. Firstly, calculate how much a journey roughly costs you now. This will be easier if you use public transport, but you should also be able to roughly work out petrol costs if you use a car. Then think about how often you will cycle. You may only cycle if it is dry warm weather or you may plan on doing it every day. Either way, work out how many journeys you expect to make. Then work out how many journeys you will have to take to pay for the bike. For example, if you paid £1,000 for the bike and your normal train fare is £10 then you will need to cycle to work 100 times to cover the cost of the bike and then use it more to make it worthwhile.

Owning a bike can save you a fortune on your journey.

Will you get lots of use out of it?

If you will not use it for work then you will need to think about what else you will use it for and whether you will get lots of use out of it to make it worth buying. It might be for fitness, for example. This is very important, we should be keeping fit for our health, and cycling is one way that you can keep fit. Remember though, it is not high impact exercise, so will not help the boys in all ways, but it is certainly better than doing no exercise at all.

It is good to think hard about every item you buy as to whether you will get good value for money from it. If it is something that you know you will use a lot, then spending more money can be more worthwhile. If you are not sure whether you will use it much, then you will be taking more of a gamble on the item. In this case it can be wise to spend less money on it and then you will not be risking so much money if you decide that you do not want to ride it that often. It might even be a good idea to see if you can borrow a bike form someone to try out first. You may find that you have friends or family members that have a bike they do not use much that they will be willing to let you try out.

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