How to Make Gifts more Affordable

All of us will give people gifts from time to time. This is a really nice thing to do and can enjoyable for the giver as well as the receiver. However, gifts will often cost money and this means that it can sometimes be the case that we cannot afford them or have to go without other things in order to enjoy them. There are things we can do though, which should help us to more easily afford gifts.

Regift things

Sometimes we received gifts that we do not use. This could be clothes that are the wrong size, toiletries with a small we do not like, food we are not keen on or things like this. The best thing to do with items like this is to hold on to them and then regift them to others. They will never know that you did not buy them and it will also mean that the item is not wasted but someone will enjoy it. You can do the same with wrapping paper, where, if you are careful with it, you can reuse paper from items you have been given. You can also reuse gift bags, ribbons and cut up cards to make gift tags. There are many things that you can do which could help to keep costs down.

Make gifts

Some people save money by making gifts. If you have a hobby where you make things, then giving these items away will mean that you can have fun making them and not spend any more money on gifts as you are giving them away. You could also make food items such as cakes, cookies, jam or preserves. If you save pretty jars then these look great with home made items in.

Buy in sales / second hand

If you are well prepared and shop well in advance, then you will have time to check out sales and second hand shops to see what they have available. You will be able to search through their stock and see if they have anything appropriate and then return when they have new stock to look again. Often a second hand shop will restock regularly and so it is worth looking often. They will also often have new or ‘as new’ items that you will be able to buy and recipient will never know that it is not a new item.

Buy one item rather than several

These days people tend to buy lots of gifts rather than just one. However, research does show that people tend to remember what they got better if they only get one thing. So do not feel the need to give lots of items, just give the one item and they will hopefully remember it.

Spread the cost

If you are finding gifts expensive, then try to spread the cost by saving a bit of money towards then each month. You may have a cluster of birthdays, anniversaries or a lot to buy at Christmas and find it hard to manage. If you can save a bit of money each month then you will have more available to spend when it comes to buying the gifts which should help you out.

It is a good idea to also have a look online for ideas. You will find there are plenty of hints and tips for budget gift giving. It can still be fun to choose a lovely gift and give a person something you know that they will love but not have to worry about where you will find the money from to pay for it. It can be hard if you have to get them something you feel is not right due to budget constraints but with planning, this should not need to be the case at all.

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