How to Keep Clothing Costs Down

We all need to buy clothes and they can be costly. This means that we can end up spending a lot of money on them and this might be more than we can afford or more than we would like to spend. However, there are some things that we can try that will help to keep the costs down.

Repair what you have

It can be tempting to throw away clothing if it gets a small hole in it. However, it is a worth remembering that you can darn a small hole and get more wear out of the clothes. Darning is not hard and as long as you take your time and use small stitches it can look very neat as well. There are tutorials online as well, where you can learn how to do it if you need some tips as well. You will need a sewing needle and some thread and you will be able to pick these up from a local haberdashery shop or even a larger supermarket. 

Consider second hand

Many people save a lot of money by buying second hand clothes. These are usually available to buy on most high streets and so they should be easy enough to find. If you want more choice you could look online as there are auction websites and car boot apps where you can buy this sort of thing and even social media for sale pages will have items like this for sale. Often the items look like new, or they may be unworn or just still in really great condition so you can get something that is as good as buying new, for a fraction of the cost.

Buy quality not quantity

Something else to be aware of is quality of clothing. If you buy really cheap clothing then it can be made from inferior quality materials that will wear out quickly. However, if you buy more expensive items they could be better quality and this could mean that you will not need to replace them more quickly. Of course, paying more does not always guarantee quality. Look out for big brands as they will charge more and may not be better quality.  You may also find that it is worth looking at the fabrics the items are made from as an indication of how long they might last.

Buy classic not trendy

If you buy clothing that is right on trend, then chances are that it will be out of fashion again by next season. This means that you may not want to wear it after that. If you choose more classic styles, then they are more likely to work for much longer and stay in fashion for a long time. Think classic cut jeans, t-shirts and jumper in neutral colours, for example. These will not go out of fashion and therefore they will last as long as the material holds up.

Swap Clothing

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family members that are the same size as us, then we might be able to swap clothing with them. This gets around the fact that we might be bored with items that we have and so this might mean that we will be able to have some new things without paying out any money. You may even be able to find websites where you can swap clothing as well.

It is a good idea to therefore think about whether you can try any of these things. It could mean that you will have clothes that last longer and in the long term will cost you less money.

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