Noah Bell
Your guide to personal finance and banking in the United Kingdom.

Is it Worth Buying a Bicycle?

There are many people buying bicycles these days. They do have many positives but will they give you good value for money? Check out prices Bicycles vary in price a lot. If you want a top of the range, electric assisted folding mountain bike then … Read More

How to Make Gifts more Affordable

All of us will give people gifts from time to time. This is a really nice thing to do and can enjoyable for the giver as well as the receiver. However, gifts will often cost money and this means that it can sometimes be the … Read More

Ways to Pick the Best Bank

We all use a bank if we have a current account, savings account of a loan. However, there are many different banks to choose from. Some of us will always use the same one and some of us might use several. However, it is still … Read More

How to Keep Clothing Costs Down

We all need to buy clothes and they can be costly. This means that we can end up spending a lot of money on them and this might be more than we can afford or more than we would like to spend. However, there are … Read More

Is it Worth Getting a Student Loan?

There are many parents that get worried about their children having a student loan. They feel that they will start their working life in debt, they might not get good value for money, they might waste three years studying when they could be working and … Read More